Orthodontic Retainers 5 Tips On Cleaning

Whether you are wearing orthodontic retainers during treatment or after your braces or Invisalign are completed at Wu Orthodontics, over time… your retainers or aligners can discolor and look gross. You brush and floss daily, so adding cleaning your retainers to your daily routine is just another step to maintaining good oral hygiene habits. Five Read More

Orthodontics 2017 – Need a Smile Makeover?

Orthodontics 2017…The New Year is the perfect time to make changes to improve your life, whether that means a new exercise program, healthier diet, or getting a healthier new smile. What better way to boost your appearance, confidence and achieve better dental health than orthodontics! Do you have any of these dental problems? • Crowding Read More

Stocking Stuffer Ideas From Wu Orthodontics

The holiday season is upon us again. Where did the year go? At Wu Orthodontics we would like to share some stocking stuffer ideas to consider for patients of all ages wearing braces. Instead of candy and sweets that can bend wires and knock off brackets during holiday festivities, give something more suitable to make Read More

Are Braces A Necessity For Teen Esteem?

Teen Esteem…Every patient has their own reasons for deciding to undergo orthodontic treatment. For adolescents and teens, image has always been a key factor in social integration and in today’s beauty conscious society, a beautiful smile is high on their list of priorities. According to NBC TODAY – “Selfie Esteem” or just teen esteem give Read More

Some Fun Thanksgiving Trivia From Wu Orthodontics

Thanksgiving is celebrated with feasts and football games and the start of the Christmas shopping season, Thanksgiving means roasted turkey, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and green bean casserole with Campbells mushroom soup. No matter how you celebrate this momentous day, at Wu Orthodontics, we want you to know we are thankful for all our wonderful Read More

Orthodontist – Here Is A Definition

Orthodontist…what does that mean? Many consumers are confused why they should choose an orthodontist in the Palo Alto CA area at Wu Orthodontics versus a general dentist or pedodontist to straighten their teeth with braces or Invisalign. Plain and Simple… the answer is experience and training.  

Reverse Aging With Orthodontics

Reverse aging with orthodontics…can it be done? Orthodontics can help children, teens, and adults of all ages look better throughout their lifetime. Adults today are much more aware than in the past of the importance of creating and maintaining a beautiful smile. With longer life expectancy, a healthy, beautiful smile is as important at age 70 as Read More

Welcome Baby Wu!

We hope you are enjoying your summer. We would like to welcome Misa Adele Wu, our latest addition to the Wu Orthodontics family! 

Dr. Wu visits Connecticut

So what has Dr. Wu been up to lately in his free time?  Well, orthodontists like Dr. Wu LOVE what they do so much that they occasionally spend their free time in other orthodontist’s offices.  Dr. Wu traveled recently all the way to New London, Connecticut and spent a few days hanging out in Dr. Read More

Welcome New Team Member, Aggie!

We would like to welcome our new team member, Aggie, to the Wu Orthodontics family! Aggie is our Records Technician & Social Media Coordinator. Here’s some information about Aggie, “Born and raised in Palo Alto, I couldn’t think of a better place to live or work, now being a part of the Wu Orthodontics team. I have been in Read More

A Question of Missing Teeth

Missing permanent teeth or premature loss of baby teeth is one reason why the American Association of Orthodontics (AAO) recommends an orthodontic consultation for children beginning at age 7. The upper lateral incisors, second premolars and third molars (wisdom teeth) are the teeth most likely to fail to develop or erupt. Heredity is considered a Read More

Thumbs Down on Thumb Sucking…

Children are born with a natural sucking reflex that often evolves into a comfort behavior. It is not at all unusual for an infant or child to find a thumb or finger to calm them when tired or upset as a coping mechanism. Ultrasound scans have revealed that thumb sucking can start before birth, as Read More

Do you Know the History of Halloween?

The orthodontists at Wu Orthodontics and our team thought it would be interesting to share with you the history behind Halloween. Did you know that Halloween is one of the world’s oldest holidays? Throughout the years it has gone through many changes. It was originally a Celtic festival called Samhain (pronounced sow-in).