Office Updates Relating to COVID-19

Wu Orthodontics is temporarily closed until Sunday, May 31st to ensure the safety of our patients, team, and community.

Message from Dr. Wu:
I am working from home making plans for when we reopen.  I realize that in light of all that is going on in our community and the world, all of us are anxiously awaiting for the day that we hear the good news when we will be able to reopen.  As a health care facility, we will be among the first to open up. At this time that date is Monday, June 1st, 2020.  As many of you are well aware due to the ever changing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, even this date may change again in the foreseeable future.  I am continuing to monitor guidelines set forth by federal, state, regional and local governments and their agencies to be on top of the latest rules and regulations.

During this downtime, I am spending time with my family but also implementing some important changes to prepare for our reopening.  When you return to our office the experience will be somewhat different but a lot will remain the same as well. The quality of your care will remain outstanding.  The health, well-being and safety of our patients is first and foremost on our minds so please respect these appointment and scheduling initiatives:

1) We will have sufficient appointments upon our return to handle all existing and new patients. However, in order to follow social distancing guidelines our daily capacity for appointments and desired appointment times will be limited.  We will provide procedures that the government says we are allowed to provide. Please respect and understand these new scheduling guidelines moving forward.

2) Social and physical distancing of patients and staff will remain in effect. If you are not a patient, we ask that you please wait in your car and/or drop off your patient to their appointment.  No non-patient friends or family should enter the office except for the scheduled patient and their accompanying parent. We are essentially closing our reception area until further notice.  This means please do not bring siblings, friends or relatives to your family member’s orthodontic appointment. Only scheduled patients will be allowed back in our treatment areas at this time.  Further detailed directions on appointment protocols while at your orthodontic appointment will be sent out at a later date as it gets closer to our reopening.

3) The staff will be wearing CDC (Center for Disease Control) recommended Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).  We will look more covered up than before but this is to protect you and my team.

4) Until May 31st, my team and I are still available to take your calls and handle emergencies. Please call to discuss your emergency at 650-322-0288. 

5) If you need to discuss payment issues or concerns please call Amy at (650) 388-9852. She continues to be here for you.

6) In addition to the continued use of hospital grade sterilization in our office, we are also cleaning all contact surfaces before, during, and after the work day.  Please help us maintain a safe environment by utilizing hand sanitizers upon entry to our office.

7) If you have a fever, or even mild flu like symptoms, please do not come to the office but instead call the office and we will gladly accommodate you with a new appointment.

8) We have virtual consultations and appointments available online on our website.

Stay safe and well. 

– Dr. Wu